Activity Monitoring Software

Computer Monitoring Software 1.0.0

Computer Monitoring Software 1.0.0: Computer monitoring software to monitor every activity of network or local PC. Activity Activity Reporter will capture all keystrokes typed on PC, in case sensitivity. Activity Reporter not only records standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but also captures hidden characters and keystroke combinations. Clipboard Activity Activity Reporter will record each and every clipboard activities. It will display text which has been copied / cut in a particular application. Application Activity Activity Reporter captures every application

WProd-Monitoring 1.5: Free Multiuser Client-Server Computer Monitoring Software
WProd-Monitoring 1.5

WProd-Monitoring monitors and analyzes the activity and efficiency of employees working on the computer; it also calculates their productivity. This is software for real time activity and productivity monitoring of employees working on PCs connected to a network. With this free software all office computers can be monitored. The server application is database driven. All user events are saved in database.

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Employee Monitoring Software 1.00: Centrolized company-wide employee pc activity monitoring solution.
Employee Monitoring Software 1.00

Centrolized company-wide employee pc activity monitoring solution, monitor 3000+ network computers within one server. Employee Monitoring Software is an application for real time network computer monitoring and content filting, and for employees, work time tracking. Invisibly monitor all employees pc internet activities from one contralized position, such as email, instant message, keystrokes, documents printed, FTP file transfered, websites.

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Parental Control Software Keylogger utility secretly captures all accessed applications on your computer
Parental Control Software

activity monitoring tool is used to capture child, spouse and family member activity on your laptop, desktop computer system when you are not present or busy in some other work. Features: * Stealth keyboard keystroke monitoring software records every activity of PC user into encrypted log file and generates report into text/html formats with option to send email at specified email address. * Exclusive kids activity monitoring application is complete

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Spytech Spy Suite 5.40: Powerful REMOTE PC Monitoring and Surveillance
Spytech Spy Suite 5.40

Monitoring Internet Connections Internet Conversations Website Activity Emails Sent and Received Files/Documents Accessed and Printed Window Activity Application Usage Screenshot Capturing Clipboard Logging Events Logging Activity Logging Click here to view all of SpyAgent`s features in detail. SpyAnywhere`s Remote Control and Monitoring Features SpyAnywhere`s powerful remote monitoring capabilities create an easy to use remote surveillance solution

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SurveilStar 3.27.233: PC monitoring, employee monitoring software that improves productivity
SurveilStar 3.27.233

SurveilStar is a powerful and easy-to-use PC monitoring, employee monitoring software that improves productivity. It records and controls all computer and Internet activities - emails, web sites, chats and instant messages, program activities, document operations, removable devices, printers, and many more. You can watch real-time screen snapshots and stop sabotage or data theft in time. SurveilStar is feature-rich, easy and intuitive.

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LAN Employee Monitor 4.1: LAN monitoring software,real-time monitor and remote control employee`s computer
LAN Employee Monitor 4.1

LAN Employee Monitor - LAN monitoring software, an employee monitoring program. This LAN monitoring software monitors the screens of all employees’ computer in real time by matrix screen. And it can remote control the employee`s PC activity as easily as the control of own computer. LAN Employee Monitor is a solution to keep your employees from being idle at work time and a guarantee to your company internet security and information security.

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